Sunday, August 17, 2014

And War Then It Shall Be

And War Then It Shall Be

Every 80-100 years the Europeans have a tradition: to punish Russia and in so doing to wipe out a generation or two of their own people. And so it is time again for the great century die off of Europe.
Europeans are short sighted and ignorant of history, even as they accuse, and properly Americans of being the same.

We Russians are a tolerant bunch. Sure we may not tolerate homosexualism which is the life style of choice now in the West, but we tolerate, as good Orthodox Christians, many a slight and insult. We are slow to rouse to anger and slow to raise our fists. But our blood does boil and our anger does rise.

It is said, Ivan will tolerate much but when Ivan rises to his feet, blood will flow in rivers. You Westerners are at it again and are to ignorant to understand one thing: we Russians are very very good at destroying our enemies, at slaughter that you can not imagine, unless of course you bother to speak to your grand and great grand fathers.

And society, our Russian society is awakening and the anger is rising. Putin, unlike what many will tell you, is not a dictator and as such must to a much greater rate respect Russian public opinion. For now, public opinion has been heavily against direct involvement in Ukraine and war with Europe, but that is rapidly changing.

With every additional atrocity by the US/EU nazis in Kiev and every additional hypocritical speech from weasels and leeches living in the capitals of Europe, it is becoming quite clear that either we go into another world war or the anti-Christians of the West will eat us alive. In war we have an excellent chance of winning, of destroying NATO in peace we face slow perversion, destruction and death.

You Europeans may think our army is smaller than your combined and the active army is. What you are ignorant of, however, is the extent of the militarization of regular Russian society. Not counting 3 million Cossacks who will back the regular army and the 10 million reservists, there are the military patriotic clubs. Thousands of clubs of 10-100 members, where children from age 6 are taught how to fire assault rifles, the basics of infantry combat.

Even the strikeball teams are backed by the Ministry of Defense with used heavy equipment to make their "games" much more realistic and a training occasion. Strike ball and paint ball are extremely popular. Equally popular now are fitness centers which are popping up like mushrooms after a rain and various martial arts and slavic traditional combat clubs.

Equally is the concept of the Sword of Kornilov gaining hold: we Orthodox can not have personal enemies and hatred but we are sworn to raise the sword against the enemies of God until they either quit the field or are destroyed. Society is understanding this lost concept more and more and you can hear it in the words of people.

Men, with regular day careers are preparing and understanding that we will soon be at war with our European enemies. These are not underage boys dreaming dreams of battlefield glory, but men in their 30s, 40s and 50s, many who understand they will probably not survive but who are preparing to do their duty for God and the Motherland as did our forefathers for 2,000 years.

Equally more and more understand that we are NOT Europeans, nor are we Asians. We are Russians, a race on to itself and we want nothing to do with the Satanic masses of Europe.

We are slavs and we shall never surrender or back down.We are ready for war, any time you and your  masters are ready to start it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

West's Hypocritical Double Standard of the Value of Human Life (warning VERY graphic photos)

West's Hypocritical Double Standard of the Value of Human Life

The loss of the Malaysian aeroliner was of course a tragedy. Almost 300 human beings, of various nationalities lost their lives, in an act of terror now covered up by Washington's PR machine. Washington's vassals in Kiev are entirely to valuable an asset, doing the Devil's work at a great clip.

And here we come to the trust of this. What is the value of human life? While the West will wax lovingly about the value of every life, the reality is, by the West's own actions, this is nothing but a lie. The West considers itself above other humans, even as its leaders are more than happy to sacrifice the good and occasionally the lives of their own.

Danmark considers itself extremely hit, a country of 15 million lost 200, many families were affected. That is quite true and as I said a true tragedy. But what of the Novorussian Republic? At present a nation of 5-6 million with almost 10,000 dead and up to half a million displaced to Russia? What of them? Shall we do the statistics on how many families have lost at least one loved one? How many have crippled and injured family members?

The West, particularly the vampires of America's establishment, gave their Hell Spawn a carta blank to exterminate as they would will it. In the two days following the aeroliner disaster, over 200 people were murdered by artillery and direct fire in Lughansk alone. Since then the toll has mounted at an ever increasing clip.

Unable to take the two main cities or close the border, loosing thousands of soldiers in battle and thousands more to desertion and surrender, the UkiNazi regime, with the full blessing of NATO (and even NATO equipment and American trainers) has unleashed Hell on all built up locations, while continuing to massacre the population in the areas they now control.

This has gone to such a degree that partisan movements have sprung up in formerly subdued Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk and Zaparozhni Oblasts, ambushing convoys, blowing up stock piles and in one instance, if reports are to be believed, capturing an American special forces instructor.

We walk into another great blood letting, even as the blind of Europe make happy speeches about never stumbling into a repeat of 1914, exactly 100 years later, they are now not stumbling but fighting each other to jump like lemmings into the new 1914, in 2014.

Look at your children Europe, your little 1 child families will soon be no child families as your little boys will go off to kill and more often die against us, and why? To support the Devil's seed that did this to the peaceful residents of Lughanks and Donetsk oblasts (provinces) who only wanted federalization, a right to at least partially determine their own lives.

This is the war that your owners and masters tell you nothing about and the war you and your children are already paying for with your jobs and futures and will soon with your blood and lives. And do not give me the: well no one listens to me, as you sit before your computer and spend your days at work or on the sofa. You want your children to live, to have a future? Get off of your arses and make yourself heard.

1 September 2014, make this the date that no one forgets. This is the anniversary of the Massacre at Beslan, where US backed Islamic Sunni extremists with Saudi and Qatari funding murdered almost 400 people, 2/3rds of them children, after torturing them for several days. No more victims of US/UK Great Games, no more victims of their revolutions and civil wars! Make your voice be heard or it will be drawned in the roar of cannons and rifles, forever.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

So Its Sanctions You Want, Is It?

So Its Sanctions You Want, Is It?

For the past 6 months the talk has been nothing but Sanctions and Isolation of Russia, from the "Civilized" World, that is the degenerate anti-Christian West. True, Russia has not responded in kind, up to this last round of sanctions. But even without a direct government response, Russians, as people, were already responding.

The business leaders of the broke and broken West have expressed their concerns and out right fears that this would lead to the EU's final economic demise and further, that it was easy for Americans to strut about with little real trade with Russia while Europe as always would suffer the most. But, the strumpets and shills of the EU tyranny are well paid for or black mailed by the US government and have once again thrown their serfs into the jaws of the American pit viper.

As I wrote before, the real target of all this, in the economic sense, is Europe, that is, Europe's destruction and indebtedness a permanent white ghetto continent stuck on stupid and reliant on their Yank overlords.

Now, without even cutting down on gas or oil, Europe is already struggling. For example:

1. Orders for machinery and vehicles from Germany are already down 17% (much of the machinery is for the resurgent Russian industry and will be made up with either Japanese or Korean models and since these are CNCs that are expected to last 30 years they will not replaced soon). Besides billions of euros in revenue, 250.000 German workers are in the process or going to loose their jobs. That's a quarter million households who will also need welfare from the German state to stay afloat.

2. Russian tourism is 10% of the total European euros spent each year. Now that does not sound all that bad, but on closer inspection, in the hardest hit, southern European vassal states: Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain and Portugal, Russian spend euros are up to 40% of total tourism revenue, Spain and Greece being in that category.  Finland, due to proximity, is also in this category. Russians in Spain spend an average of 125 euros per day, 30 euros more than the next runner up Germany.

Russians also tend to purchase a lot of high end goods from Europe, goods that have struggled in European regimes where unemployment or underemployment claims every third European.

The bad news? Russian tourism to Europe is down 30% this year. Patriotic vacations, to Crimea and Sochi are the hype and beaches and hotels are booked solid with record numbers. As well countries like India, Brazil and S.Korea, as well as Thailand, Egypt and Singapore are capitalizing on their excellent relations with Russia.

In money sense: out of the 7 billion Euros Russians spent in 2013, that is a loss to Europe of over 2.3 BILLION Euros and that to the most vulnerable European vassal economies. So far the sanctions are taking a bite alright.

3. London money streets are seeing a decline of 17% of the Russian monies that companies and individuals from Russia invested there. Russian money is 20% of the London investments, down a fifth. That's a huge sum of cash that will not be poured into the struggling UK economy and companies. Oh well, Cameron knows whats best for the British serf and living well is not part of it.

The smiling Yanks are not spared either. NYC has lost upwards of $300 million in real estate deals as the Russian wealthy have moved their plans of buying apartments in NYC on hold or to different non-American economies. At 10% sales tax and 8% real estate tax, NYC, already a fully bankrupt entity, just lost a large wad of cash and income streams from these apartments. Obama knows best.

All this, of course, was before this final round of sanctions and this round was a doozy. Yes, the Russian economy will suffer some, mainly in funding, though Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, UAE and Kuwaiti banks are more than happy to make up the hole in European and American investments.

But how has this hit the West?

First comes the full embargo of food products from Moldovo, Ukraine and Georgia for signing up to the EU free trade zone (really its a one way deal but all three are to stupid and filled with hate to realize that yet). Moldova's farmers almost fully export to Russia, grapes, fruits, wines, other produce. All that was instantly cut off and those farmers have taken to the streets screaming in protest.

In order to keep Moldova from sliding into revolution and the loss of the vassal, EU ministers have doubled the quota on Moldova's agro imports. Problem is, with the Russian market now closed to all European food imports, who is going to buy up Moldova's when you can't sell off your own?

A group of farmers from northern Moldova on Monday threatened to stage mass protests, if the authorities do not provide solutions to their problems in seven days.
According to the farmers, the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU at the end of June created a number of problems to them given that Russia closed its market for Moldovan agricultural products.
The farmers said the fruit and vegetables are decaying on the trees and in containers as they cannot export them. 

And that brings us to the next big hit. All countries with sanctions on Russia will now face a full block on exports of food products to Russia. How much will this cost Europe? 

Well the Poles are already projecting a $700 million loss, or 0.6% GDP growth wiped out. They who screamed the loudest for sanctions, like ignorant children, are now shocked by the results of getting exactly what they wanted, a good old trade war. Sit in your rotting apples and potatoes and stew. Of course, Poland, being a leech and American paid for whore, is now on its way to Brussels to make the rest of Europe pay for its losses. Now that is rich, is it not?

Ukraine, already a civil war battered non-economy will loose another $1.3 billion this year alone. Guess who is going to pay for that loss? Yes, you EU.

The rest, with the bulk in Europe, will be a loss of $45 billion for the EU and the US. I am sure your farmers are fat and happy and do not need that money and besides, Brussels will either force the vassals to raise taxes or the Germans will print more Euros and what's a little inflation between vassals?

As for us, not only is this another great spurt to our resurgent agro business (thank you very much and we are sure most of your companies will quickly set up production inside of Russia and if not ours will copy your products) but Brazil and Argentina are also jumping for joy as they are already sending substitute products. 

Wow, $45 billion, much of which will never come that is sanctions showing us something.

По оценке издания, ответные меры Москвы могут затронуть не менее 10% импорта продовольствия и агросырья, общий годовой объем которого составляет 43 миллиарда долларов.
Беспокоются по поводу российских санкций и в Польше. Напомним, что Россия с первого августа прекратила импорт почти всех фруктов и овощей из этой страны.
Глава Минсельхоза Польши в интервью местным СМИ признался, что "в сложившейся ситуации сложно будет найти альтернативу России".
Finland alone will loose 25% of its agro-business which is all aimed at Russia. So tens of thousands of Fins, who work in the manufacturing of packaged food products will now go hungry as their pay checks evaporate. In Euros its 400 million the Fins will lose. The Germans had best start printing and printing hard. Valio, Finland's top agro company may possibly be looking at bankruptcy.

As for the Batlics, whose joke economies are completely in ruins, their only markets being Russia and their only production being agro, this is the literal end of the world.

Of course with millions of farmers in these countries on their way to bankruptcy, that is millions of more immigrants to flood the British, French and German labour markets. Ouch.

Western Europe of course will not be spared either. Flanders is a prime example, where 60% of the fruits grown and just now being harvested, normally head to Russia. I, dear readers, am expecting a very eventful August/September in Brussels and western Europe as bankrupt farmers watch their crops rot. Ditto for the Flemish pig farmers. Well Flanders wants independence, so you know whom you need to lynch for your upcoming hunger...they sit in Brussels.

“Our country exports 60% of its pears to Russia. The export of apples is this year relatively low; Russia mainly buys large apples from us. We can’t do without the Russian consumer. There are stocks for two months sitting in refrigeration.”

As for technology, that is mainly off shore tech for oil field drilling, the only area (deep water) that we are far behind, Switzerland (through Weatherford) and Norway are more than happy to continue trading, as well as Taiwan and Singapore and Brazil. So more losses to the US first and foremost and their lap dog English. Hmmm, feel superior yet?

And then there is the threat to the EU and US aeroliners. That is, Russia is now reviewing the option to close Russian airspace to transient EU/US airliners heading to Asia, while keeping it open and cheap for the Asians. What does this mean? It means an extra 4.000km for the European aeroliners and up to 20-30% more on their ticket prices. Sure, this will cost Russia between $300-400 million in fairs, but it will cost the Europeans even more, as not only will the prices for fuel and flight time increase, but transit over countries like Turkey will get more expensive, as competition decreases on transition routes and routes become more congested.

This will have a knock on effect in damaging European tourism and business, as flights all around will increase in price and as many Asians fly on European aeroliners. The effects? Finnair stock lost 2.2%, Air France 11%, Lufthansa 2.9%, US Delta 2.8% and US Air 3.4%. Real money, real effects.

And these are just the opening salvos from Russia, without even taking into effect such things as a ban on Russian foods to Europe, on Russian steel and titanium and aluminum parts productions, on fertilizers, chemicals and cements that feed Europe or on energy goods.

The US dollar is also sinking. Thirteen years ago it represented 72% of the reserve currencies held world wide, now it is 61% and dropping as many countries seek to de-leverage as quickly as possible to avoid any more American black mail of their economies.

Europe's suffering has just begun. The US will suffer also but most in the US will never figure out why. Europeans should know better but are proving themselves just as corrupt and foolish.

So Europe, US, you want to hate us? Fine, hate us, despise us, sanction us, but be man enough to swallow your own medicine and sit in your bankruptcy with a stiff upper lip.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Evidence Keeps Mounting, Ukraine Did It, US Covered

Evidence Keeps Mounting, Ukraine Did It, US Covered

No matter how hard the US tries to lie and no matter how zombified and ready to die like lemmings the majority of the EU's people are, not to mention most Americans, the evidence keeps mounting that it was the Ukrainians who murdered those 300 on the airline.

From the interview of the first responders from the OSCE, who himself is a Canadian Ukrainian, comes the comment that fusilage showed signs of heavy machinegun bullet holes and nothing that looked like a missile strike. Listen at the 6 minute mark for those comments.

The diagram below shows two parts of the plane: 1. the area of the cockpit on the left side, pock marked with bullet holes and how it fits to a complete plane and the left wing tip, also pock marked with bullet holes. The last picture how the two line up for a SU-25 strafe run. Now combine that with what the witnesses on the ground saw, a jet following and what Russian radar saw and that Ukrainian air traffic controllers rerouted the plane and lowered it and had it slow down....well, you must really be a lemming not to question the rush to judgement from the Western leaders, who have most to gain.

Meanwhile, weeks after announcing irrefutable "proof" the most that the US government could come up with is Ukrainian YouTube videos all of which are proven false. Even the missiles being "evacuated" on a luancher has been proven false. How? The billboard advertisement in the background is for a business ahead in Dnepropetrovsk....which is Kiev held territory 80km in the opposite direction.

And now, the US has indirectly admitted that the Ukrainian anti-air systems were in the area, but were "not operating" at the time.

"In his statement, the White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest implicitly acknowledged that Ukraine’s air defense systems had been present in the Donetsk area, although he claimed they had not been operating," the source said, commenting on Earnest’s words that the missile that hit the flight MH17 was launched from the area controlled by the militia.
Meanwhile, for some unknown reason...I am being sarcastic dear readers...the UkraNazi army is going out of its way to bombard the locations where the main pieces of wreckage are at, with heavy artillery, even though there are no Novorussian soldiers in the area. Hmm, I wander why the vampires in DC and London are silent on that too?

They have even caught OSCE members in these barrages, denying them the ability to do their work...and yet the Western prestitutes stay mum...again, why?

Наблюдатели ОБСЕ попали под обстрел на месте падения самолёта

And what of "evil" Russia delaying the investigators? Well, outside of the fact that the investigators were stuck in Kiev and Kiev is not under control of Russia, those investigators who got to the site, have had nothing but assistance from the Novorussian soldiers. Do not believe me? Than listen to the testimony directly:

Are all these statements from Moscow's agents? Sure some will believe that, that anything that negates the narrative they have swallowed must be by those evil Russians. But then again, humanity always did have a layer of useful idiots whose lives were easy to throw away by their masters.

This is as silly as the US's "proof" that Russian artillery is shooting into Ukraine, where they show black and white photos of...wait for it....combines harvesting a wheat field. How dumb do they think their audience is? Oh, never mind.

But while the white Western Europeans are proving themselves  to have devolved from the ability to critically think, the Malaysians are showing that they will not be taken in by the US propaganda.

Malaysia has stated for the first time that it believes the Ukrainian government ought to bear responsibility for the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, according to a report from Singaporean newspaper Lianhe Zaobao. Malaysian transport minister Liow Tiong Lai was quoted by the paper as saying that the Ukrainian government needs to take responsibility for the disaster because it was Ukrainian air traffic controllers who permitted MH17 to fly over the country's airspace when it was shot down on July 17 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board.

And let us not forget, that the force of evil that is now leading the charge against the Third Rome is this country, who is actively oppressing its own.

Oh and Biden Jr thanks all of you who back the US. His investments in this genocide are starting to really pay off.

But now, we learn favored US and EU interests intend to snatch away for their own pockets the single card the Ukrainians have had to play, i.e. 100% ownership of the national gas transport system. Without full control of the gas transport structure the country inherited from the defunct Soviet Union in national hands, Ukraine will be of no particular interest except to Nato, which majorities amongst all Ukrainians have repeatedly stated they do not wish to join.
The 2% advantage Ukraine would retain under the proposed sale will easily be finessed over time by the many billions in initial and future IMF loans any Ukrainian government will need to retain power. Trading the impairment of Ukraine’s single asset of multinational interest for $17 billion in loans now, an ongoing infestation of IMF and associated multilateral parasites, a trade deal of no consequence, since Europe has no need for Ukrainian manufacturing, and logistical support for a bellicose military alliance’s misadventures from the frontline is not much of a deal. But it was no improvisation. It was, instead, a carefully planned EU-US double-cross.
Hunter Biden’s earlier March appointment to the board of Burisma Holdings Ltd, Ukraine’s largest natural gas producer, at first appeared to be a garden variety example of nepotism involving a US vice-president improperly arranging a no-work cash flow for his son. But, to the contrary, it turns out Hunter Biden has a full plate, insuring that the anticipated spoils of the US-led intrusion into Ukraine fall into the correct hands; big pairs of which will belong to the Biden family’s and the heist’s other multinational and congressional key players’ supporters.
In fact, Hunter Biden is an old Ukrainian hand. Prior to his appointment to Burisma’s board, Biden fils was a director of the US State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy subsidiary National Democratic Institute, where he built up opposition parties first for the 2004 US-engineered “Orange Revolution” and, later, the 2014 US-engineered “Euromaidan” protests.
In the course of those ten years, Hunter Biden would have gotten to know steel and pipeline billionaire Victor Pinchuk, an enthusiastic supporter and financier of the Maidan protests earlier this year, who is also former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma’s son-in-law and is well-known for sponsoring an annual gabfest for international political and financial elite at a Tsarist-era palace on the Black Sea. Despite being a generous multimillion dollar donor to the Clinton Foundation, Pinchuk was smart enough to acquire allies on both sides of the aisle, developing a relationship with Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) when he was mayor of Nashville. Pinchuk then parlayed his Corker relationship into ones with various top shelf neocons, including Karl Rove and that ever present spitball of American imperialism, Senator John McCain.!-thief!-stop!-%E2%80%94-the-looting-of-ukraine.aspx

And their Kieven Nazi animals.

Note, all incidents of terror against Jews by UkraNazis were in UkraNazi held territory none in the lands held by the Novorussian army. Who are the real terrorists? Why the US trained mutts in Kiev.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ukraine Malaysian Tragedy Update

Ukraine Malaysian Tragedy Update

A small batch of updates that I am sure are absolutely not reported in the West.

1. Inspectors: A small batch of Inspectors have been held up by Kiev, in Kiev for several days. This has been duly blamed on Russia...logic need not apply.

2. Those inspectors who made it to the sites (remember this is a 10 sq km site of wreckage) did not get any Ukrainian military escort through the Ukrainian lines and when they joined the Novorussian army, they were strafed by UkraNazi planes. Thankfully no one was hurt. However, the inspectors were not able to stay long as the UkraNazis started shelling the area.

3. The Inspectors returned to Donetsk where they were given, in front of journalists, the (orange) Black Boxes. They stated for the media that the boxes had not been tempered with. So, if the US or the West had any honour, and they do not, they could not say that Moscow tampered with the recordings. And now the US and its vassals and thugs will not be able to get their paws on these boxes to doctor the tapes. These are now in the hands of the Malaysians and the international committee.

Interesting side note: while being handed the boxes, the area that they were in came under a blithering attack by UkraNazi tanks, several of which were destroyed.

4. Russia's Ministry of Defense put on the table satellite images and radar recordings. Satellite images show that UkraNazis had two batteries of Buk systems in the zone in a position to shoot down the plane. Both are now gone. Before and after photos and yes the insignias of the soldiers are visible.

The more damning is radar recordings showing a plane coming up from inside Ukraine on a fast intercept course to the airliner, two minutes before its crash. The jet (SU-25 which has air-air missiles) continues to make passes in the area as the airliner is crashing, for about 1-2 minutes longer and then flies back off into central Ukraine.

Where is Washington's "proof"? Outside of doctored and discredited social media (that's proof?) Washington has shown nothing and will show nothing, as everything that is solid that they can show will show them to be the liers that they are.  The question now only remains: did the Ukranazis shoot down the liner on their own or under Washington's orders?

5. The first 200 bodies have been gathered, put in refrigerator wagons on a train and shipped out to Kharkov. Kharkov remains occupied by the UkraNazis. From there transporters from Holland arrived to pickup the bodies.

6. The site was never looted, as the US and UkraNazis were so thrilled to accuse. Again, its is 10 sq km, the Novoroussian army gathered everything up in one location and handed it over to the Inspectors and Holland. This is not looting, this is responsible behavior.

In Christ,

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Malaysian Airlines: Ukraine's Tonkin Bay Incident

Malaysian Airlines: Ukraine's Tonkin Bay Incident

For those of my readers who do not know, the Tonkin Bay Incident was the official event that started the US intervention in Vietnam. It took place in Tonkin Bay, when a North Vietnamese  gunboat opened fire on a US destroyer. Of course the only problem with this was that it was all a false flag, totally made up story.

Ukraine's story, while made up, definitely has victims, in this case an additional 295 dead on the doomed Malaysian aircraft, to add to the tally of several thousand dead from shelling, gun fire and genocide, throughout the eastern Ukraine.

While scenes like these have become an every day affair in the embattled Novorussian republic, the mass murder of an airliner is a new occurrence.

Even as the details of a shoot down were just forming, the Ukrainian government was instantly on the scene to point fingers at the rebels and scream for aid. These jackals and hyenas were instantly followed up by their puppet masters throughout the West. Australia's prime minister went so far as to directly accuse President Putin of involvement in this.

Of course there are a few holes in these stories from the West, holes big enough to drive cruise liners through.

First of all, the army of Novorussia does not have any strategic air defense, and that is exactly what it would take to reach up 10km and knock out an airliner. If they did, there would be no Ukinazi bombers and fighter-bombers wrecking Hell on the civilians. The skies would be clear. Those few jets and other planes that have come down have come down either from small arms, manpad systems which are short range, or autocannons. 

Further to this, a week ago, in a statement to the Ukrainian Rada (Parliament) the Prosecutor General Vitaley Yarema stated flat out that there were no anti-air strategic missiles in the hands of the rebels. This was reported in the BBC. But that was a week ago and in that time frame, the UkiNazi army has gone from a sorry state to a catastrophy. The Ukrainian army is in route. They have been pushed back on all fronts, many units have been encircled. The 72nd air borne brigade, of 2,000 airborne has been decimated. It was surrounding while fighting the Novorussian army on the borders with Russia. Its officers are dead or run off and its men, those still alive, are dropping their weapons and surrendering to the Russian border guards. Of course this is after they made a deseperate plea on Ukrainian television and radio to send aid. No aid came.

Other detachments have broken through but a very high cost and have left much of their equipment behind. Tanks, RPGs, ATOs and so on. At the rate things are going, the Novorussian army will be marching and freeing Kharkov within 2-3 weeks and then on to the rest of Novorussia and Kiev.

Washington is desperate. Putin's PR campaign in Latin America has been a success, Russian spy bases are back in Cuba, the Chinese, Japanese, Indians and even the Israelies are supporting him. Sanctions, even the additional ones, are doing nothing to the Russian economy but they are hurting the US economy which is already in recession. The Europeans meanwhile are growing vocally sick of the US and its spying and sanctions and prying the EU into a disastrous war with Russia. Well, that is everyone but the lapdogs Cameron and Merkel and the whores of Europe: Poland and the Balkans.

What to do, what to do? Putin refuses to start a war in Ukraine, no matter what the US tries and how many people its stooges and its hired guns kill. Well, there is always the airline shoot down move.

Ask yourselves, who has the most to gain from this? Why the Ukinazis and the US their sponsor of course.

Wasting no time, Zoran Skirok, first counsel to the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior, called upon the US to stage a no-fly zone in eastern Ukraine (as if except for UkiNazi planes anything else is flying) and for NATO to come in and begin combat operations against the Novorussian army. Then there was that warmongering vampire McCain who instantly made threats that could easily be amounted to a threat of general war :

 "Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Thursday that there would be "hell to pay" if pro-Russian separatists downed a Malaysian passenger jet as it flew over Ukraine. "If it is the result of either separatist or Russian actions mistakenly believing that this was a Ukrainian war plane, I think there's going to be hell to pay,""
Then there was the instant back up from the Pentagon to get the American vampires in a feeding frenzy:

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon said Friday it is unlikely that pro-Russian separatists in east Ukraine could obtain or operate the sophisticated missile system allegedly used to shoot down the Malaysia Airlines plane without Russian help.
"It strains credulity to think that they could do this without some measure of Russian support and assistance," Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, said Friday. "It is a sophisticated system."
The Pentagon says there is strong evidence the missile, a SA-11, was fired by Russian-backed separatists since the missile was fired from an area controlled by rebels.
Kirby said there was no specific intelligence suggesting Russia provided separatists with the SA-11, but he said Russia continues to support separatists with arms, financing and training. The Pentagon said Russia has been supplying rebels with tanks and armored vehicles.
The US media was instantly up to the task, in backing the war crazies in DC and London.

Despite his immediate comments, there’s no question that the downing of the Malaysian plane “will intensify pressure on President Obama to send military help,” observes Jim Warren in The Daily News. Russia expert Damon Wilson, who worked for both the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, says that no matter what else we learn, it’s time to beef up “sanctions that bite, along with military assistance, including lethal military assistance to Ukraine.” “Whoever did it should pay full price,” Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), the head of the Senate’s Armed Services Committee, says. “If it’s by a country, whether directly or indirectly, it could be considered an act of war.”
Or this:

Russia’s comments on Ukraine are “pure fantasy,” include “ludicrous” claims, and show “either ignorance or dishonesty.” Moscow is also engaging in “misrepresentations of the facts” and “baseless attacks.”
Those aren’t the comments of a fiery activist organization, angry Ukrainian leader or speechifying U.S. senator. They’re part of a four-page statement emailed Wednesday by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

This from the Daily Mail, a UK paper, came this report, opening with this propaganda quote from the UkraNazi government:

'This baby's death is on your conscience, Putin - damn you for centuries': Ukrainian government releases horrific picture of infant lying in a field that it says was killed when rebels shot down MH17
And in a dramatic ramping up of the rhetoric, the US ambassador to the United Nations even said that Russian troops may have fired the deadly Buk SA-11 missile. Samantha Power said: ‘Because of the technical complexity of the SA-11 it is unlikely that the separatists could effectively operate the system without assistance from knowledgeable personnel. We cannot rule out technical assistance from Russian personnel in operating this system.’ 
Mr Cameron was expected to use a phone call with Mr Putin last night or early today to warn the Russian president he risks being made an international pariah over Thursday’s crash. 
Britain’s ambassador to the UN blamed Russia, saying Mr Putin’s decision to encourage and arm the separatists had sown the seeds of the disaster.
Sir Mark Lyall Grant said Russian citizens were leading the uprising and accused Moscow of supplying weaponry including tanks, missile launchers and artillery.
Moscow categorically denied any connection to the attack. Ukraine’s prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, called for Russia to be held to account, saying: ‘We ask all respective governments to support  the Ukrainian government to  bring to justice all these  bastards who committed this international crime.’
The Daily Beast

It’s Finally Time for the West to Stand Up to Putin
The world is in shock at the Malaysia Airlines shoot-down, but it shouldn’t be. Moscow is at the root of the problem and it’s long past time that we confront the regime.
For months, Russia had been meddling in the affairs of its neighbor Ukraine without having to pay a serious cost. Thursday’s downing of a passenger airplane in eastern Ukraine is a result of Western fecklessness in the face of Russian aggression. This tragedy—the murder of scores of European citizens on European soil—has internationalized the conflict in a way that should fundamentally alter the civilized world’s relationship with the regime in Moscow.

It is long past time that the United States and its NATO allies supply the Ukrainian military with the lethal aid it has long requested, so that it can at least defend itself and its airspace from Russia. NATO should deploy more troops to Poland and the Baltic states, which are understandably nervous about Russian designs on their territory and quietly doubt the Alliance’s Article 5 commitment stipulating that an attack on one is an attack on all. Sectoral sanctions that could cripple the Russian economy are also long overdue. And, if Russian involvement in this attack is conclusively demonstrated, Russia should be added to the State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Many American and British commentators were also quick to chime in, on cue like sheep and chimps. Just some of the comments:

Emily, Los Angeles, 2 hours ago
Too bad Putin has no soul and the death of an innocent baby or any of the other 300 civilians won't cause him to lose sleep.
Opine, Ramsgate - England, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
What part did Snowden and Assunage treachery play in this?
harryposter, London, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
Tell that to comrade Putin and watch into his eyes, closely... I am 100% sure you will die before any tear comes out of these. So sad indeed...
dazed and confused, canada, 3 hours ago
Because as long as evil exists there will be war. Appeasment never works and that is why we have this disaster. The world was taken in by Putin and he thought he could do as he wanted . Well this is the result. If you are kind and pleasant to these peopel they think you soft and gulible. A harder line needed to be take with him along time ago but there were too many singing Kumbya.
steveh2731, MALVERN, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago
Unfortunately, like many dictators before him, Putin is nothing more than playground bully, pushing his luck to see what he can get away with. I think the time is fast approaching when NATO should call his bluff and begin to move a multinational force into Ukraine to face his troops on the Russian border. My feeling is that when confronted with the prospect of the annihilation of his country should the conflict escalate, he will do what all bullies do and back down. The alternative of doing nothing will give him the Carte Blanche right to trample over most of eastern Europe. However distasteful it may seem. he has to be stopped.
JH, London, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago
It must be particularly distressing for the families to see footage of the people that shot them down combing through the wreckage (no doubt with the intention of doctoring evidence before the UN team arrives). The international community must ensure that the truth of what happened here is found out. The fact that the black box recorders have already been rushed to Moscow suggests that this will be difficult.
 We players in a game, Leeds and Europe, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
I am no surprised. It can happen anywhere. Europeans don't have the bottle to stand up to tyrannts. Putin is not scared. ..
stemmo29, Melbourne, Australia, 10 hours ago
Nabokov, political radicals and militants in your country have never had any regard for innocent life. From Peter the Great to Lenin, Stalin and now Putin. Send them the pictures by all means but the only regret they will have is that the plane wasn't Ukrainian.
DamnYankees, Blaze, Niger, 12 hours ago
The world is messed up. Just look at some of these comments. I think Moscow needs a few missiles dropped on the Kremlin
Dessert Lady, London, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago
Putin wanted to start a war with the rest of the world -- let's give it to him!!!
Ian_3mith, Manchester, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago
i can see a World War 3 coming: Russia vs USA,Britain, Ukraine, Australia. So they got 2 big attackers each side, Russia is going to get roasted! Soon it with be a dusty and ghost country.

Of course we only have the US word that their "intelligence" knows that that missile came from Novorussia controlled grounds and not say from one of the forward deployed strategic air defense systems of the UkiNazis.

“According to the Russian Defense Ministry information, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine located in the crash-site are equipped with anti-aircraft missile systems of "Buk-M1” ... These complexes in their tactical and technical characteristics are capable of detecting air targets at ranges of up to 160 kilometers and hit them at full altitude range at a distance of over 30 kilometers,” the ministry’s statement reads as cited by Ria.
Then there is the story from the air traffic controller who was guiding the plane. The man is a Spanish national and was working in Ukraine. And further twittered comments on the fact that Kiev shot down the plane. That twitter account is now offline. 

The air traffic controller suggested in a private evaluation and basing it on military sources in Kiev, that the Ukrainian military was behind this shoot down. Radar records were immediately confiscated after it became clear a passenger jet was shot down. Military air traffic controllers in internal communication acknowledged the military was involved, and some military chatter said they did not know where the order to shoot down the plane originated from. Obviously it happened after a series of errors, since the very same plane was escorted by two Ukrainian fighter jets until 3 minutes before it disappeared from radar.

So was this even a ground to air missile or an air-to-air missile that took out the plane? Then there is the fact that the Ukrainian youtube video purporting to show the "truth" was created prior to the shoot down and loaded up within a few hours after. Watch this explanation before it gets pulled. And never mind why unlike other planes, Malaysia's flight was diverted directly over restricted air space.:

Then there is the US itself, who has a two hundred year history of using false flags and wag the dogs to start wars and here are just a few to mention:
- War 1812
- Various Indian wars 
- Mexican-American War
- American Civil War (Fort Sumter)
- Spanish-American War
- US entry into WW1 (Lusitania)
- Various invasions of Latin American nations
- Vietnam
- Cambodia
- Laos
- Iraq 1 and 2
- Somalia
- Yugoslavia

And now Russia? Of course, with the exception of the War of 1812, in which the British thoroughly trashed the US and even burned down DC, and the US Civil War which was a close call, none of the above wars included the US fighting an equal or even nearly equal foe. By the time the US came into WW1, the Germans were a spent force, rather much like in WW2.

This however is different and this is on Russia's doorstep. Nukes will not be used, but body bag planes will become an hourly occurrence. Obama and the US ruling vampires are once again marching their own slaves off to war, slaves to busy watching American Idol and not caring that soon their kids will be dieing in drove.

Time is just about up.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fall of Slavyansk: Catastrophe? (warning graphic videos)

Fall of Slavyansk: Catastrophe?


While a lot has been said about Slavyansk and about how it was the Stalingrad of this war, it is hardly that and hardly ever was that. In truth, of this small theater of war, it was more akin to Kiev. Surrounded, fought to the last minute.

The Fall of Slavyansk was inevitable, as it is the tip stronghold and had been isolated for almost one month. Artillery fire, both conventional, white phosphorus and chlorine gas, had become the norm. Everything living was a target. The Ukinazis no longer even made pretense of "missing" a block post by a kilometer and "accidentally" hitting a church or hospital or kindergarten. Why bother with pretenses when the entirety of America's elites stand behind your genocide and laugh at the blood loss.

What is interesting is just how long Slavyansk lasted.

A city of little more than 100.000 souls, now down to about 30.000 soon to be murdered "liberated" souls, Slavyansk was never defended by more than about 1-2,000 rebels. They lacked most everything in heavy equipment. A half dozen light armored vehicles they captured, a couple of Grad multiple rockets systems. Other than that, some outdated RPGs, equally old Manpads and mortars.

Against them, UkraNazis threw everything they had and could spare. They surrounded Slavyansk, blew up the water pumps, the electric generators and took the town under siege. Yet with all that, it has still taken the UkraNazis more than 3 months to take the town and they took it only because Colonel Streltsov led his men out, breaking the siege line and retreating to Donetsk.

The UkraNazis lost a half dozen Grads, a dozen or more tanks, several dozen other fighting vehicles, 5-6 helicopters an at least 1 jet, with hundreds of their fighters killed and thousands injured. Though if rumor is true, many of those injured UkraNazis lived only long enough for the US/German doctors to come harvest their organs for the active market that has appeared.

Now to Donetsk.

Donetsk is a city of 1 million, with almost 10 times as much land mass. This is a many magnitude larger problem for the Ukranazis, whose machines are 30 years old, not in the best condition to begin with and are rusting out. The one big victory for the Ukranazis was the capture of the Donetsk airport, but even this they have since lost and the airport and runways are so damaged as to be unusable.

Cutting off the water to Donetsk is also quite difficult, as the city has several water ways working their way through and plenty of ponds, so water is quite taken care of.

Furthermore, having so much more space, the Ukranzis will be forced to pull in 6-10 times more troops just to surround the city, let alone take it. If they want to make it air tight, to keep supplies and fighters from filtering in, it will take even more.

But the bad news does not stop there. Already in the city there are over 10,000 fighters and as the Ukranazis continue to indiscrimently bomb and kill civilians, the numbers of defenders are swellings. As people realize there is no way out and its fight or die, the numbers are quickly elevating, with both male and females joining the ranks. Just last week 110 railroad engineers joined the fight after their fellow's trains were blown up and their co-workers killed. Even the miners finally crawled out of their tunnels and have formed 2 battalions and more are signing up. Lastly, as bad news, individuals and bands from Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, S.Ossessia are flooding in. Groups from Germany, Israel, Italy and even Poland have also showed up. Many of these are former special forces and all know this is a fight to the very end.

The armor and equipment in Donetsk is also much better, with tanks, armored personnel carriers and best of all a brigade of anit-air missiles and carriers, able to strike the high altitude Ukinazi fighters.

Rebel armor.

All this and the fact that the rebels have no where to run or retreat means a real fight to the very end an end that the Ukinazi army can not afford. Already mutinies and rebellions as well as mothers and wives blocking posts are an every day occurrence.

Unlike Slayvansk, in Donetsk and Lughansk, time is on the side of the Rebellion. Even the US does not have enough money to save Ukraine and Ukraine needs cash fast. With all the monies already loaned and given to Ukraine, its coffers have enough for only 1 more month, this after utility prices doubled and pensions were halved. Already the average Ukrainian spends 45% of his disposable income on utilities, twice as high as the worst EU countries and some 4-5 times as high as in Russia.

Winter is not beyond the mountains.

As the war rages on and men are butchered and new recruits refuse to sign up, Parashenko's parasite government is forced to physically draft and kidnap everyone to age 50 into service. These men leave behind jobs, business and farms, on which the Ukri and foreign banks are quickly foreclosing. Meanwhile the harvest is collapsing and the coal mines have stopped working. Gas is no longer being stored in Ukraine but directly in Europe and winter is coming.

Now that the middle class can not survive on its salaries, let alone the lower class, which is close to 40-50% of the general population, economic Maidans are a sure bet. The first winter chills in Sept-Oct will drive the crowds into the streets in open rebellion and the American puppets will be swept away along with their Yanki "assistants". By that point it will be to late to worry about Donbass, when the rest of the country is starving.

Stray dogs like the Polish government bastards, rejoicing in this slaughter, will suddenly find 5-10 million Ukarnazis flooding their borders. Least we forget that the fathers and grandfathers of these Ukranazis murdered several millions Poles. For bread I am sure they will be happy to start looting Poland. That the two deserve each other's knives, is beyond a doubt. There is a good chance that this winter, Poland may burn too...and with hope this will launch ten million Poles into Germany and the UK.

So the rebellion is far far from crushed, no matter how much Western oligarch news wants you to believe otherwise. The real battles have hardly started and the warm ups proved almost to much for the nazis.This is not Germany 1941.

The retreat of the Ukranazis, coupled with the partisan war that is just starting up, will embolden other parts of Novorussia to rebel. It will be a push on effect across the south and east.

Below are some news vids of the latest that is happening. Watch in horror.

UkraNazi camp for children. By the 48th second is when the nazi salutes start coming. This, US/EU is what you are supporting. Sick bastards.

UkriNazis laughing as they shoot up the town and civilians of Slayvansk.

This is the suburb of Lughansk, Alesandrovka. The UkraNazis are bombing everything, rebels and civilians, with artillery and air strikes.

More Ukranazis bombing civilians and crossing points on the border.

Air strikes with US made bombs devastate a village in the Lughansk suburbs. Aimed specifically at a street of houses with ZERO rebel activity.