Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shattering the European Delusion

Shattering the European Delusion

Europeans as a race, a culture, and yes, are under a deep delusion that Russians are like themselves in key areas…just a more barbaric version.

To that end, Europeans have bought into the idea that they can kiss the feet of the Yankies, shite in our general direction and that when all this blows over or their mad sexual fantasy of doing to Putin what they did to Gaddafi, happens, that they will just waltze back in and all will be “alright”…that is, the Russians will be kissing our collective European arses again to be let into the civilized club and we the European inbred super race along with our Yanki masters will again be making lots of cash off of milking the Russian cow.

That, of course, is where you fools have gone well off of the tracks. A few of you understand this fact or are just starting to, but you have truly screwed your fortunes for generations to come.

Allow me to once again enlighten the lot of you. We are not Germans, French, Spaniards or Britains…unlike the lot of you vipers, we actually understand the concept of honour and better yet, the concept of spravedlivost, for which none of your myrid of languages even has a word….and it fits, as you grew up as civilizations murdering, fucking and kissing each others arses as the winds changed. Honourless, moralless and spineless, always with a sharp knife to murder your neighbor when the opportunity rose up and steal his lands and riches. When your neighbors were to strong, you sailed the oceans looking for weaker people to murder and rape…often in that order.

Unlike you, we have always been a defensive empire, since we took Christ as our Saviors, and followed the real teachings, unlike you who are mostly followers of one heresy or another, starting with the Catholic heresy. When not attacked we do not invade, for war to us is still murder. And it is a good thing for the lot of you that we believe that, for killing is a very core nature in a warrior race such as the Great Slavs. You have learned that a half hundred times over the past 800 years as you continued to try and invade us and we have laid whole generations of you into the ground, just like we will soon be doing that.

But even if somehow you manage to avoid real war with us, we are for the most part through. Three more generations of Russians have seen what you Europeans are in truth, and we are sickened to our souls by you and your two-faced natures. The disdane that flows for Europe and Europeans as a whole is a sight to see. In parallel, we have also rediscovered what was surpassed for almost 30 years: our own greatness. Our self confidence has returned and we quite realize, we do not need you, we can do quite well without you.

Your sanctions were like the beast in the dark, it scared us because it was the unknown. We know we can slaughter you in war, we always have, but economics…..this was something else. And then, you laid your sanctions on us….and….and…that’s it? Ha…well, now that was not so bad. So you laid more….and more and more…and we laid just a few back on you and your screamed like broken whiny kids…oh that hurts, our apples are rotting, our fish is rotting our…jobs are rotting…. And thus we realized, you are not ten meters tall or even two meters tall and your only real threat is a laughing stock.

What we have also learned is that we are in a zero sum game with you and your Yanki masters. We will fight you tooth and nail to reclaim the Orthodox lands for Christ and for our shared culture and future. The rest of you no longer matter.

On our side stands the vastness of humanity and most of the world GDP…on yours? A dying culture backed by a dying race that spits in the face of God, like the fools you are.

We are done, with you in general, but we will rip the Orthodox and the Slavs and Hungarians from your hands…but you can keep the Poles, they are not worth the time or sweat to save, they’re to much like you for our stomachs.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

FIFA Another Color Revolution

FIFA Another Color Revolution

The drama that unfolded over the past month with FIFA is another example of the hamfisted and bovine drive by Morder to bring every human endeavor under its Masionic control.

The issue here is not corruption, though I am sure there was plenty of it. Remember this is the nation that bought for itself the winter Olympics in Salt Lake City with galling corruption, a nation that brought two depressions to the world with the same corruption and in which the bankers responsible were punished by being given trillions of additional dollars. No this is not about corruption as Mordor is as corrupt as the worst of the worst moments of the Roman empire and just as decadent.

What this is about is power and control. Mr. Blatter's crime was refusing to allow US political control of his organization. In specific, the drive to replace Russia's hosting of the 2018 games, with, gasp, the US'. For that matter his chief vice presidents were arrested right before the vote by US warrant in Switzerland. It of course shows that Switzerland is now a compromised Mordor puppet, with no sovereignty of its own.

However, the US Jordanian puppet was shot down by the non Mordor vassalized world. The European slave races of course followed Mordor to a T. The rest rebelled and reelected Blatter.

The fact that Blatter a week later resigned must demonstrate only the amount of threats by Mordor and pressured leveled against him. What threats were used? Was his family threatened? What was the offer from Mordor?

That more such evil will follow is beyond a doubt.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Europe's Hypocrites Deadly In Their Silence

Europe's Hypocrites Deadly In Their Silence

Yesterday, the Rada of The National Socialist Oligarchy of Ukraine declared that all UN conventions on human rights are now suspended in the Donbas during its "anti-terrorist operation" otherwise known as the genocidal war the US/EU puppets are loosing.

At this point, of course, this only codifies the murderous tactics of the American hand puppets. Europe, as an old used whore with a high self opinion based on nothing but a worm worn family name, has been quite good at ignoring this unofficial genocide so far. It ignored the use of banned weapons by Kiev, of mass shelling of civilians, of countless daily  offenses against Minsk 2 by Kiev. Equally it ignored the torch marches, mass graves, the Nazi flags and even the laws passed by Kiev limiting freedoms of its citizens and creating concentration camps.

So this is no surprise, not is this a double standard. No dear readers, from the Satanic sock puppets and sociopaths who call themselves the masters of Europe and their antiChrist in the Mordor on the Potemic, this is absolutely the standard.

The whore of the Babylon of Europe speak with forked tongues an their slaves who frolic in sodomy and debt while nodding in agreement with this are no better.

Nor of course are the filth column of Russian liberals and "human rights" whores who also on Mordor's payroll are equally silent.

What the serfs and sodomites of Europe are not bright enough to realize is this is the final steps for the start of all out war in Ukraine and soon in the rest of Europe.

Well, enjoy the last days of peace, the war you bastards have started by either your active participation or your silence will engulf you all.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Will The Empire of Chaos Murder Macedonia Next

Its official, dear readers, the Mordor on the Potemic has set its evil eye on the poor country of Macedonia. Nuland, the Hand of Evil, has arrived to sow murder, death, destruction.

Last week, Albanian Islamics, from the CIA backed army of the Kosovo Liberation Army, crossed into Macedonia and attacked one of its towns. The results was 8 Macedonian soldiers killed and 14 of Uncle Sam's puppets sent to Hell and their 72 Succubus.

But why now, after almost 12 years of relative peace are the Islamics again on the march in SE Europe and in Macedonia specifically? The 20% of the population that is Muslim Albanian, in the Orthodox Christian slavic country, has broad autonomy and has been relatively peaceful as they smuggle their white Romanian future whores and heroine into Europe. And how is this tied to Nuland?

Its all quite easy. Macedonia's government, headed by president George Ivanov and Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, has decided to better itself and the lot of its people, not as slaves of Mordor but as a free people. They signed deals with Russia to be a transit nation for the Turkgas pipeline and Russia has agreed to build their pipeline from which they will receive gas and transit fees. Russia has also started various other projects to improve their infrastructure. Until Mordor which buys the souls of the leaders of nations, turning them into whores like Merkel, Russia works to actually improve the lives of the people of nations...that is an evil that the bankers of the West can not abide, peasants living well.

So in steps Nuland, the Black Hand. Washington has been sponsoring the opposition to over throw the conservative government and to implement a liberal, read fascist, regime that will be pliant to the Empire of Chaos. All is over a supposed wire tap that the opposition was provided with and claims to point at government corruption and that the government denies and states as an obvious plant by Western special services. After all, spying is what the US government does best.

Add to this, with a Western sponsored demonstration in two days, a sudden attack by Islamics that have been quiet for 12 years but were and are on the US payroll, and its obvious what is going on.

The Empire of Chaos is starting a new war, another Balkan war, just like it personally started the 1991 war and the 1998 war. Washington's mass murderers are at it again. The ME, Ukraine, North Africa, all theaters of mass murder Washington has created and whose flames it spreads.

So here we go again and this time in the heart of Europe and the EU, with Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania right there in the neighborhood. Luckily for Mordor, Europe's leaders are worthless door mats and its people are broken.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Count Down to 9 May

Count Down to 9 May

As the days grow short and the festivities to commemorate the 70th anaversory of V-E day are prepared, we may be on the cusp of the next great war.

It is no secret that Ukraine, rearmed by Europe and trained by a motly crew of Anglo nations, is pulling up all the heavy equipment it still has and massing all along the front lines of the Donbass. Besides the hundreds of various mercenaries sprouting up, there is also a full US airborne batallion carrying out training in Novorossia itself (not in far off Lvov as initially claimed). OSCE has been noting and reporting on Ukraine's constant violations of the heavy weapons bans, of massing troops and of constant artillery fire against civilians...not that anything the OSCE says matters to the Eurohypocrites, whose souls are already sold.

As such, following the US's tendency to start troubles for Russia on holidays: Georgia's War during the 2008 Olympics, Ukraine's Pusch during Sochi Olympics in 2014 and now the 70th 9 May, the US puppets may be getting ready for the final (as Americans call it) Hail Mary...a final, throw everything you have into genociding the Donbass, in order to draw in Russia.

Having a battalion of the 82nd Airborne on the edge of hostilities, and I am sure throwing them into combat and the massive insueing casualties, would give Obama the excuse to drag the US and NATO into the war. Never mind that it would not be an activiation of the defensive charter, the various NATO slaves will follow what their masters tell them and marshal up to fight and die.

So will this holiday of 70 years since the last great war become the starting day of the next great war? Well, dear readers, we have 7 days to find out. I pray I am wrong.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Was 1945 a Mistake? Poland Should Have Been Left To Hitler.

Was 1945 a Mistake? Poland Should Have Been Left To Hitler.

After the competition of Operation Bagraton, Army Group Center was destroyed and the Red Army reached the Vistula. Through the end of 1944 and up to May 1945, the Red Army charged across Poland, liberating what has proven an evil, poisonous people who hate their liberators more then their oppressors.

The point at this point in history was: was this all a waste of human life, rather our human life? The past two decades were pointing towards yes and 201-2015 has definitely sealed the deal.

With the Germans pushed off of our lands and Romania defeated and switching sides, we should have offered peace: massive Danegeld from Germany for a new border along the Vestula, evacuation of all German units in the Baltics and a free hand with Finland for reabsorbtion.

Germany would then have had the free hand to crush and stop the US/UK war machine and the two would have continued to bleed each other. Europe would have a three way power share after that.

As for the Poles, in all truth by now the only Poles left would be in Chicago or NYC, they would have gotten all of Hitler's tenderness for their betrayal of their alliance with Germany in 1938. But Poles are very good at betrayal, under handedness and utter hypocrisy. We in return would have spared the lives of one million Soviet soldiers.

As for the French, Belgians and other European slave races? What matters to a slave whose boot he lives under, the American, EU or Nazi German. They were and are happy slaves and Hitler would have still given them the anti-Christian liberalism. The pedophilia and such that they so cherish.

It was our mistake to think we were freeing these people, slaves born to slavery are forever slaves.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Suing Ukraine Out of Existence

Suing Ukraine Out of Existence

To say that the regime in Kiev is ignorant and nonsensical is like saying a hurricane is just a light wind off of the sea. The first and obvious move of lunacy by these American puppets was and is the destruction of the Lenin statues.

Now, as any of my steady readers knows, I am no fan of the Reds and especially that traitor and another Wall Street client, Lenin. But for the Ukinazis to pull down the statues of the very man who created that Frankenstein of Ukraine, is rather ridiculous. This of course shows the depth of stupidity and ignorance that runs the course through the veins of the majority of the Banderites, if not their leaders.

Now this week, Kiev has passed the all mother of stupidities: they have passed a law (please sit down, dear reader and remove any cups from your hands and swallow that morning accidents please) ... a law outlawing all Soviet laws.

Now stop and let that sink in......

So, where to begin: lets begin with Lenin's 1921 annexation of Novorossia from Russia and its addition to Malorossia, thus forming the proto-Ukrainian state. This was the codification of the agreement between Lenin and the Germans in 1917, to exit the Great War, an agreement Lenin had no right to make or empowerment neither from the Karensky government (itself in cahoots with Lenin) or his own Bolsheviks.

Just on this bases, the Donbass in particular and all of Novorossia in general must be returned to Russia post facto, not to mention that there can be no questions in regards to the 1954 transfer of Crimea, another Soviet Crime. True, Novorossia's Odessa Oblast must return its southern half to Romania, an area known as Bessarabia, taken by Stalin.

Then there is the 1920s Kornezatsia program from the Soviets, that promoted "ethnic" Ukrainians into power positions in Russian Kiev and Russian Novorossia. It also forced the hybrid creation of the Austrians "Ukrainian" as a language of equal terms to the Russian population of these areas. This in truth created the mess in central Ukraine, which too was ethnically Russian, that we have today.

Just like Marxism (and Serfdom before it and Democracy after it), enforced Multi-culutralism had dramatic negative effects on Russia. All such imports do not sit well on our soil and after doing their damage are repulsed. However, the Konezatsia (Multi-Culturalism) seems to have created the longest and worst of effects.

Now, if you are Polish, at this point, you may ask: well what about our four Oblasts to the West? Why yes, you too have the right to now grab that land and return it to greater Poland. But do not dare to think to oust those poor Banderites that you yourselves nurtured, on us Russians. No those famous geneciders of Poles will be your problem to deal with.

And yes, we have not forgotten Hungry either, Galatia should be yours too.

So there, its time to sue Ukraine out of the hybrid existence that monster state has enjoyed way to long. A creation of the Marxists should die equally by repulsion of all Marxist laws.

Oh and as a side note, for those of you in the informationally blocked out West: Free Ukraine: up until yesterday, in a span of 3 months, 5 oppositions politicians "committed" suicide, with such acts as being helped out of a window. But those days are gone, there is no point in hiding behind suicide. In 2 days, 1 opposition politician and 2 opposition journalists were gunned down in broad daylight on Kiev's streets. And it turns out, that Avokov, Minister of the Interior, is hosting a website with over 400 opposition candidate names and home addresses, all who "deserve" death. The three victims had their profiles updated to "liquidated". Welcome to modern American/EU values.